Vork the Wilder and other characters.



“Greetings, mortals. We have no doubt returned after leaving the material world for nearly a year or so. We have found our brother and returned him to us. By orders of the End King, we are to continue our assault on the lives of humans.

Now you’re maybe wondering ‘who are these guys?’, we…



I’ve reached the 400 mark and I wanna throw a giveaway! 

  • 1st Place:   A colored picture with a max of two people and a pixel icon!
  • 2nd Place: A colored picture of a bust!
  • 3rd Place: Choice of icon or sketch



Here are the rules of engagement:

+ You must be following me!
+ Only reblogs count
+ Prizes can be SFW or NSFW!  
+ Ask box must be open!
This giveaway ends on July 31th 11:59:59 PM PST. 


Vork the Wilder

(( Haaai, I made a drawing of Vork at least! Im proud of this drawing ;w; (Though fucked up on the hands hah;;) ))

PS: Soon the Vork’s bio will be ready!


Enderman’s Day Off

So, here is the list of changes im going to do in some of my characters and blog.


  1. Character Violet: She will be no longer a Mage, but a Battlemage!(Wow such a change.) But yeah, she will start wearing a Black Iron Armor with an enchanted hood and not only will use Fire magic but will use a Cutlass as a weapon. Reference soon!
  2. Characters The Generals: Well, as you know Violet is one of the generals of the Pearl Hunting Operation. But there is more three Generals that Im going to finally make some references and give backstories for them.
  3. Character Vork: Going to finally post more about his backstory and about his tribe. So stay tuned. o vo
  4. New Characters!: Im thinking about new characters, both being Testificates and each have their own backstories! u vu


  1. Change the Theme is one of the main goals! Change theme, write some things and etc.
  2. Probably going to make some new pages so yeah!
  3. New name for the blog probably!

I will try doing the blog changes first and write backstory first!

So dont worry uvu